Discussion Guidelines

We provide a discussion forum at NCRegister.com for the edification of you, our readers. We recognize that often there is more to be said, beyond our editorial coverage, on any important topic. This is why we desire you to engage us and other readers. In the end, we hope everyone benefits from the discussion and through it gains a better understand of how to live out the faith that we share.

The following guidelines are for the discussion forum on NCRegister.com and the Register’s social media pages. All participants in our discussion must follow these rules. We reserve the right not to publish any comment that breaks the rules and to blacklist participants that do so continually. Please help us monitor the comments by reporting abuse of this policy, especially rule #1.

Charity is our first rule. If you can’t communicate charitably, then please don’t comment. We encourage lively and honest discussion of our content. While we know that there will be disagreements, and that our readers can be very passionate, we ask that you disagree respectfully without personal attacks, sarcasm, name-calling, bullying, libel, defamation, or obscenities. Don’t make judgments about the other person’s sinfulness or salvation. Please keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of readers do not comment and your comments become part of the information of NCRegister.com and the Register’s social media pages. We want to keep our forum a place of respectful, charitable and honest dialogue for all our readers.

Stay on topic. Stick to the subject matter of the post. Hijackers are not welcome. Avoid using the comment box for individual communications. Comments that derail the conversation won’t be published or will be deleted. Trolls won’t be tolerated; please don’t respond to their provocations and inform us when they come out from under the bridges of our posts.

Keep it short. Comments should be no more that 400 words and don’t use paragraph breaks in your posts (it doesn’t format properly). If you’ve got more to say, you are free to start your own blog elsewhere. We reserve the right not to publish comments longer that 400 words and we may edit comments for clarity, length and charity.

Property and privacy. Please post your own work, don’t plagiarize. We accept links to other relevant content and brief quotes of other people’s work with attribution and that are consistent with “fair use” principles of copyright. We also expect you to respect other people’s privacy; please do not share another person’s contact information through our discussion forum.

News tips. We appreciate your feedback, your news tips and letters to the editor. Send feedback, story ideas, or letters to [email protected]. We can’t guarantee every tip will turn into an article but we are grateful for the flow of ideas.

No soliciting. Please don’t use our discussion forum for advertising, promotion, recruiting, campaigning or proselytizing.

Responsibilities. You are responsible for what you post. The Register is not responsible for content posted by readers. We do not and cannot review all comments posted in our discussion forums. However, we reserve the right to review, delete and edit any content posted on NCRegister.com. Also, any comment published on NCRegister.com or our social media forums may be used in our editorial content in print, on the web site or radio productions.

Questions? If you have a question about commenting or the web site (such as a delay in publishing your comment), please do not post your question as a comment or post your comment twice. Send an email to [email protected].

Similarly, if you would like to request your previously published comment(s) be removed, do not post the request as a comment. Send an email to [email protected].

There is the rare occurrence when a commenter is inadvertently banned (mistaken for spam, for instance). If you would like to appeal your suspension of privileges, send an email to [email protected] and include your email and IP address.