Life Notes

Life League Chief Is ‘Heartened’ by Sen. Smith's Stance

WASHINGTON—Judie Brown, president of the American Life League, said she was “heartened that a major candidate for the presidency publicly stated his intent to ‘protect all children, born and unborn.’”

The candidate, Sen. Bob Smith, from New Hampshire further promised that upon his election he would send Congress legislation “defining life as beginning at fertilization.”

Encouraged by the comment, Brown agreed.

“We only pray that every candidate would clearly state these same principles.”

She further added, “The American Life League is not a political organization and neither endorses nor opposes any particular candidate for public office.

We simply stand against the killing of any innocent human being — including human babies from fertilization until natural death.”

Brown said it was “absolutely ridiculous, in this day and age, that a politician could cause a controversy just by stating the basic scientific fact that every human being's life begins at fertilization.”

She said it was time that laws affirmed the sanctity of life of every innocent human being. “Only then can we move forward to discussing how best to protect and nurture each individual.”

She said she hoped the headline “Democrats and Republicans agree: Preborn babies are people too” would highlight the year 2000 political campaign.

(Pro Life Infonet)