Hospitality at Home

Facts of Life

At her In the Heart of My Home blog (, Catholic author and mother Elizabeth Foss wrote, in December, about “Entertaining Angels.”

“When we offer hospitality, we are inspired by charity. Entertaining seeks to impress. Hospitality seeks to minister,” Foss blogged.

“Hospitality is a ministry. As such, it is not bound by time or space. To offer hospitality, you do not have to offer an invitation; you do not even have to be at home, and you certainly do not need to spend days beforehand cooking and cleaning and decorating. To offer hospitality, you have to open your heart to see and meet a need. …

“Seek to comfort and to minister. Look for ways to lighten someone else’s load. In every guest, no matter how cranky, no matter how demanding, see Christ. Open your heart wide; risk allowing people to see your weaknesses. For it is in that very weakness that his power is made perfect.”