Witnessing to a Culture of Life Amid Crisis in the Church


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It’s easy to get sidetracked from our mission these days amid the news of scandal, cover-up and political corruption — both within the Church and society at large — making headlines seemingly daily.

That’s why it is essential, as I have noted in these last few months, to persevere in our commitments to the sacraments, prayer and devotions like the Rosary. They are our lifeline in the battle with the Evil One, who would like nothing better than to cause us to stumble — through excessive worry, despair or wrath.

The Church is in the initial stages of what is likely to be a lengthy period of trial. We can’t let turmoil take us away from our call as Christians to reach out to others with the Truth and to build up a culture of life. Across the United States throughout October, which is Respect Life Month, prayer vigils for the unborn and their mothers and fathers are being held in front of abortion businesses. We also pray for the elderly and infirm. But we need to expand our reach.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, head of the U.S. bishops’ Pro-Life Committee, recognized in an Oct. 3 letter for Respect Life Month the severe assault that the current scandal of abuse and cover-up is to the sanctity of life.

“Our hearts are heavy with revelations of how those who should be most trustworthy have not only failed in this regard, but have inflicted immense evil,” he said, adding that during this time, “we become even more aware of the need for messengers of God’s love and instruments of his healing.”

We witness to the culture of life by praying for all those who are vulnerable, including the many victims of sexual and emotional abuse by our clergy or others in positions of trust in Church institutions.

Let us pray that faithful laypeople, religious, priests and Church leaders will speak out ever more forcefully against all injustices against the dignity of human life and work tirelessly for change. Through our prayers, faithful witness and actions, we strive to bring life-giving love and truth to our culture — and God is asking for nothing less.

God bless you!

The Eucharist during a procession at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Eucharistic Consistency

A NOTE FROM OUR PUBLISHER: A revival of belief among Catholics in the Real Presence is necessary for there to be any understanding of why the conduct of some Catholic political leaders like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi is so egregious.