Sending a Message

Publisher's Note

Since the beginning of the Church, the faithful have used the most up-to-date means of "broadcasting" the Gospel message — whether it was the spoken word (oral tradition passed on from the apostles), the written word (monks dutifully transcribing sacred books by hand), radio (the "Father of Radio" himself, Guglielmo Marconi, installed the Vatican’s system in 1931) or television.

Case in point: Our page-one story details a medical team’s approval of a miraculous healing attributed to the intercession of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (1895-1979), bringing him to the next step in his cause for canonization. A prolific author and gifted theologian, Venerable Archbishop Sheen employed the newest media of his time — radio and television — to spread the Good News. Even secular society couldn’t ignore his gifts, as in 1952 he won an Emmy Award for his program, Life Is Worth Living, which is rebroadcast by EWTN.

And let us not forget the similar mission embraced by our own Mother Angelica, who shepherded EWTN onto cable television on the Solemnity of the Assumption in 1981. Expanded over the years to include radio, Internet, smartphone and tablet apps — and this very newspaper — EWTN has the widest reach of any Catholic media outlet in the world.

Venerable Fulton Sheen, pray for all of us in the communications media, so that we may responsibly carry out our duties in the mind of Christ.

And God bless you!