Mother’s Day


(photo: EWTN)

Not a day goes by that I do not call to mind Mother Angelica, my mentor and friend, who departed this life last year on March 27.

It seems that just yesterday she was offering words of wisdom, in her inimitable way, on this or that particular facet of EWTN, the global communications apostolate she founded 36 years ago.

By God’s grace, I continue to feel her palpable presence every day. It is present in the faces of the longtime employees who were inspired by Mother to give up their jobs, move to Alabama and work for EWTN. It is present in the way some of us still use phrases coined by Mother many years ago — and in the inspiring letters we receive daily from EWTN viewers whose lives were touched by watching a rerun of Mother Angelica Live.

I would encourage you to tune in to the special programming scheduled for March 26-27, including the memorial Mass, which will be celebrated by Birmingham Bishop Robert Baker at noon Eastern March 27. (See related story.)

It would be even better if you can join us in person.

Please continue to pray for the apostolate she founded, which includes the Register.

It is now flourishing because of her prayers and her faithfulness to God.

And please know you are all in my prayers.

God bless you!