Letters 03.04.18

Readers respond to Register articles.

(photo: Register Files)

God’s Orderly Creation

Regarding “Amid Nation’s ‘Transgender Moment,’ US Catholics Engage With Truth and Charity” (NCRegister.com, Dec. 28):

“Job’s Sixth Reply” in the Bible goes like this: “Why do the wicked survive, grow old and become mighty in power? ... Their progeny is secure in their sight. ... Their bulls ‘gender’ without fail; their cows calve and do not miscarry” (21:7).

Everything in God’s orderly creation has a purpose. God created Earth and the universe for us — and as man and woman, our purpose is most important, for we maintain the continuity of human life.

We vulnerable, yet indomitable, creations of God are — as someone has already said — “not to populate earth, but to populate heaven.”

Therefore, today’s gender ideology means we have drifted far from the purpose God gave us. Our younger generations have been affected by whatever is causing the confusion about sex.

How, and in what ways, have man and woman and their purpose changed so much that it has also changed the perspective of our young, impressionable schoolage children and those in college — inducing them to deny their inherent sexes, their genders or to change them?

Using contraceptives contradicts the purpose of the female womb. In 1973, Roe v. Wade gave “every” woman the so-called right to abort “every” pregnancy, which “denies” the purpose of the unique female sex — makes women as men, whom they think have a better life — and denies the necessity of procreation for the continuity of human life.

We, and science, know the female egg is nothing without male sperm; but Roe v. Wade gave men no credit for their role — their purpose in fathering children — and no recognition of their joint parenthood of unborn children.

Roe v. Wade is law.

In giving every woman the so-called right to abort every pregnancy, Roe v. Wade proclaimed to this nation that procreation — new human life — isn’t necessary.

It made males and females and their purpose not just irrelevant, but obsolete.

It also made mothers, fathers, man and woman sexual intercourse and heterosexuality obsolete.

Sodomy, homosexuality and same-sex “marriage” also deny the procreation purpose of males and females.

They were easily accepted, even though homosexuality had been rejected for thousands of years.

Like Eve, feminists have created disorder.

If our male and female sexes have no purpose, why should it matter what we do with them? God’s order can be restored only by ridding this nation and the world of abortion.

         Ruth Ruhl-LaMusga

         Chico, California




Chronology Omission

I notice that in the chronology that you published in the Register (“The Reformation at 500,” page 5, Oct. 15 issue), you mention the establishment of Mission Nombre de Dios in Florida in 1587, but it does not mention that in 1565 the city of St. Augustine, the first Catholic parish, the first hospital and the first school were also established.

I think that these are important news that are to be mentioned in a chronology. Greetings in the Lord.

         +Bishop David Arias

          Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey