Inconvenient Truth and Love

The world may get up enough courage to look at some “inconvenient truths,” but there remain many truths that are too inconvenient for the world to handle.

The Register specializes in those.

The scandal of sex-selection abortion is almost never mentioned outside of pro-life circles. But our front-page story gives you some of the frightening statistics from India, where many children are killed simply because they are girls.

We also bring you some of the unpleasant side affects of vasectomies. In a way it is a follow up to “Contracepting the Environment,” a story we brought you in July. These truths are supremely inconvenient — because they show how unintended consequences follow when we embrace lifestyle choices contrary to God’s will.

But our mission is not simply to expose the dark side of the world — it is also to shine a light on the signs of hope that the Church brings to the world. We see these cropping up everywhere.

When disaster struck in Minneapolis, Christians reacted heroically, and it was the Church that offered solace and comfort to the grieving. Tragedy transformed by Christian charity and hope is a scenario that repeats itself worldwide — even in China, as our World page shows.

This is the winning combination that the faith is able to bring. We believe in Christ because he is the way, the truth and the life — but we follow him because he is God, and God is love.