Calling Out Injustice

Publisher's Note

Since Mother Angelica founded EWTN almost 35 years ago, EWTN has never ceased to stand up against injustice, wherever it has reared its head.

The latest case in point is the federal government’s continued harassment of faithful Catholic groups like EWTN and the Little Sisters of the Poor to make us acquiesce to including contraception and abortion coverage in our health insurance.

On Jan. 8, National Review reported that, via internal emails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, the government spent a lot of time working on a way to force Church and Church-related organizations into the contraception scheme.

On Jan. 11, EWTN filed a “friend of the court” brief with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking the court to strike down the Obamacare mandate requiring employer-sponsored health plans to provide coverage for contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs.

EWTN’s own battle against this unjust mandate is entering its fourth year. Our latest appeal, filed on Feb. 4, 2015, is still pending. Our Jan. 11 action joins our voice to those in support of groups like the Little Sisters, as the court considers these important cases challenging the government’s contraceptive mandate. The Supreme Court needs to find the mandate to be unconstitutional.

Please continue to pray that the scales will fall from the government’s eyes, enabling them to see that groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor and EWTN should not be forced to violate our consciences in order to continue our mission of service to others.

God bless you!