Called to the Confessional

I read with interest your article on Cardinal Francis George's work with his clergy on General Absolution ("Cardinal George Grapples With General Absolution,” Aug. 29-Sept. 1). I too can feel the pinch of time with my parishioners. Things seem to whittle away at my days and, before I know it, the day has passed me by.

However, I, along with my brothers, were ordained to offer the sacraments. If anything or anyone should come in the way of that on a consistent basis there ought to be a re-prioritizing. That is not to say that other clerical activities in the parish are not of value, but nothing reaches the true calling of a priest as that of offering one of our seven treasures.

I trust we are properly training our newly ordained priests to focus on the sacraments. It is true that we do have a vocations shortage. However, the way to increase vocations is not to limit that which separates us priests from every other mortal on this earth—that of offering the sacraments. We priests must be all the more willing to offer these gifts.

We will change the world one soul at a time. And isn't that how Christ would have us administer the sacrament of confession?


Gaithersburg, Maryland