Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation

An online institute that draws Christians worldwide into deeper union with Christ, under the patronage of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Avila Institute
Avila Institute (photo: Register Files / Avila Institute)

P.O. Box 803 (corporate address; no physical campus)
Helena, AL 35080
(833) 772-8452

Enrollment: 288

Avila Institute Website

The Institution:

  • President’s Oath
  • Catholic Board
  • Catholic Faculty
  • Mandatum Required (in-progress) 
  • Theologians’ Oath

Campus Culture:

  • Mass and Confession (N/A) 
  • Speakers Vetted (N/A) 
  • Unobjectionable Clubs (N/A) 
  • No Coed Dorms (N/A) 
  • Health Services Okay (N/A) 

School’s Comments:

Institution:  The Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation is a live, online, interactive program that draws Christians worldwide into deeper union with Christ through mystagogicallyoriented spiritual education and formation focused on the faithful, mystical and ascetical patrimony of the Catholic Church. Our programs are geared toward all adults, with students ranging in age from 18 to 84. The Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation offers a graduate-level program for those looking to develop thes kills needed to weave their
faith into their occupations or to be a spiritual director or mentor. Also, the School of Spiritual Formation allows people to deepen their own spirituality and incorporate their beliefs and Catholic Tradition into their personal lives, helping to clear their path to heaven.

Campus Culture: Avila Institute has no physical campus. It is an online institute.

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