Why I’m Catholic: The Foundational Error of Sola Scriptura, Called to the Priesthood and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

Why I’m Catholic: The Foundational Error of Sola Scriptura - Kenneth Hensley, Catholic Answers

Ite!  The Call to Go Forth in Christ – Jason Craig, The Catholic Gentleman

Gender Ideology Leads to Child Abuse: Pediatricians - Susan Yoshihara Ph.D., Catholic Lane

Books Blog: The Perfect Guide to Church Teaching for Young Catholics, the Docat – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald

15 of the Most Unforgettable Episodes of The Journey Home – Shaun McAfee, epicPew

The TV Dinner and the Sexual Revolution – Denise J. Hunnell M.D., Catholic Stand

What Is Truth? (Hint: Not Facebook) – Sarah Reinhard, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Lessons with Elisabeth Leseur – Liesl Bee, Ignitum Today

In Christ, Our Suffering Will One Day Make Sense – Mark Davis Pickup, Catholic Lane

The Barque of Peter Sails Through History – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic

Episcopal Renewal: The Thin Line and Our Response – Jeffrey A. Mirus Ph.D., Catholic Culture

Syriac Patriarch: Euro Bishops Disallowing Syriacs to Send Priests to Overseas Flock – Doreen AbiA. Raad, Crux

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