What Is the "God Particle"? And Why Is It Important?

Computer simulation of a Higgs boson event
Computer simulation of a Higgs boson event (photo: Register Files)

Scientists are abuzz with word that the long-sought "God particle" (aka the Higgs boson) may have finally been discovered.

While most scientists don't like the nickname "God particle" (and while many religious people might not neither), it's certainly generated a lot of coverage in the media.

Because of the God-based nickname the particle has been given, the discovery of the Higgs has attracted a lot of press attention, and I've received quite a number of requests to comment on it.


What is the Higgs boson? Why is it important?
And why do they call it the "God particle"?

In this video, I take a look at these and similar questions to give you the basics of the new discovery and what to make of it from a religious perspective.

Before we get to the video, though, here's a Higgs-related joke (adapted from one I read on the Internet):

A Higgs boson walks into a church. The priest, offended by its nickname of the "God particle," immediately orders it out.

The Higgs shrugs and turns to leave. "Okay," it says. "But without me, you can't have Mass."


At least if you know the basics of what the Higgs boson is supposed to do.

If not, watch the video and find out!

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What do you think about the "God particle" and what its reported discovery may mean?