What Donors Get

As I said before, I’ll be periodically telling you: 1. What we offer for free; 2. What we offer subscribers; and 3. Today’s subject: What we offer donors.

That sounds like spin. What we offer donors is a place for them to dispose of income and a handy 501c3 thank you letter for the IRS. But let’s be more specific.

The Register operates with a budget deficit that’s enough to buy and pay for a couple of houses (well, one in Connecticut) yearly. Such is the nature of mission-driven journalism. Subscribers and advertisers help a great deal. But not enough to keep up with the costly “3 ps” of publishing: Payroll, printing and postage.

That’s where donors come in.

For their money, they get more than an IRS letter: They get us continuing to equip our readers to engage the culture — and that part’s working fine. We have one of the best renewal rates in the newspaper business.

Somewhere, tomorrow’s Catholic leaders are reading up on the top issues of the day from a professional, pro-Catholic perspective. They’re reading the Register.

That means Register donors are creating a better future for the Church.

And that, ultimately, is what donors get: a better future for the Church.  Here’s how.