Kerry Picket blogs at The Washington Times about the very different response of the nation’s leading pro-life and pro-abortion groups immediately after the recent murders of pro-life activist James Pouillon and late-term abortion George Tiller.

Pouillon was murdered Friday across the street from a high school in Owosso, Mich., where he was standing on a sidewalk carrying a sign with “LIFE” on one side and the picture of an aborted unborn baby and the word “ABORTION” on the other side.

Prosecutors say the man charged with Pouillon’s murder, 33-year-old Harland James Drake, said the killing was motivated by his hostility to Pouillon’s pro-life activities, Associated Press reported yesterday.

Here’s how Picket sums up the difference between the response of the National Right to Life Committee after the murder of Pouillon and the response of NARAL Pro-Choice America after the murder of Tiller:

Unlike NARAL with Dr. Tiller’s murder, the NRLC did not use the violence against Mr. Pouillon to score cheap political points.