Threats Against Pro-Lifers Escalate?

It seems that pro-aborts aren’t happy just killing babies anymore. Now they’re threatening people outside the womb too. Actually, it was always this way. Let’s face it, you didn’t think a cavalier attitude towards life stopped at an incidental thing called birth, did you?

It’s been well publicized that the home of pro-life leaders Joseph and Ann Scheidler was recently attacked by people throwing bricks through their front window with nasty messages tied to them like “We are crazy feminist bi***es who will destroy your sexist ideas.”

But also this week, another incident at one of the most infamous abortion clinics in America occurred, according to Pro-Life Corner:

The Rockford abortion mill was visited by five abortion supporters from the Chicago area today who stood at the driveway to the mill screaming at mothers not to talk with pro-life sidewalk counselors. They had come to Rockford to try to block mothers from using a free mobile ultrasound motor home that has been parking near the mill to offer help to mothers in need.

In an attempt to confuse and turn mothers away from seeing a free ultrasound, the abortion mill security guard placed a sign near the motor home that said, “Free Abortions In Motor-home.”

A man who brought a young lady into the clinic for an abortion seemed emboldened by the verbal attacks by the other abortion supporters against pro-lifers when he reached into his pocket and pretended that he had a gun.

Then the man pulled his hand out of his pocket in the shape of a handgun and looked directly at the pro-lifers and said, “What would you do if I pulled out my 45 and put a bullet in your head?”

Later, the clinic’s security guard allegedly said, “Maybe he should have shot you.”

Sweethearts, huh?

Police were called but I’d bet there’s just as much chance of those folks seeing justice as the crazy feminist bi***es being caught.

Just imagine for a second all the hand wringing and concerns that would take center stage in the media if some self professed pro-life bi***es had thrown bricks and some pro-lifer had threatened to shoot an abortionist.

Maybe we should contact our legislators about bubble zones dictating that crazy feminist bi***es and abortion clinic employees can’t come within thirty feet of pro-lifers. How far do you think we’d get with that request?

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