'Theology of the Body' for Protestants

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From a press release posted at associationforchurchrenewal.com:

United Methodist Renewal Groups Host “Theology of the Body”

Monroe, Wisconsin — United Methodist renewal groups Lifewatch and Transforming Congregations will host an educational seminar on May 21 in New Bern, NC entitled “Theology of the Body: An Ecumenical Introduction to John Paul II’s Teaching.” Professor Paul J. Griffiths of Duke Divinity School will present the late Pope’s key concepts and address such questions as: What is the real dignity of the created human person? Why were we created male and female, and what does that teach us about God? What is the deepest meaning of human sexuality, and how does spousal love reflect divine love?

“United Methodists and other Mainline believers have been arguing over abortion and homosexuality for many decades,” said Rev. Karen Booth, Executive Director of Transforming Congregations, “but we haven’t done a very good job of explaining why the arguments even matter. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body gives us solid Biblical tools for understanding God’s created intent for men and women. And its counter-cultural worldview challenges us to reexamine our post-modern assumptions about human life and sex.”

The full day event will be held at the New Bern Riverfront Hilton (formerly Sheraton) Hotel and Marina, 100 Middle Street, New Bern. The $30 cost for the event includes lunch, and registration forms may be downloaded from the Lifewatch web site at www.lifewatch.org.

Or contact Rev. Paul Stallsworth at 252-726-2175. The New Bern District of the North Carolina Annual Conference is co-sponsoring the seminar and will award one Continuing Education Unit to participants.

Download the Theology Of The Body Brochure

More information is available at Transforming Congregations, “Theology of the Body”