The Perfidious Fr. Martin Strikes Again, Alyssa Milano Calls For Sex Strike, and More Great Links!

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Fr. James Martin
Fr. James Martin (photo: Screenshot via YouTube)

The Perfidious Fr. Martin Strikes Again – Brian Williams at Liturgy Guy +1

Alyssa Milano Calls for “Sex Strike” & Pro-Lifers Are Gloriously Responding – ChurchPOP +1

Homosexuals In the Seminaries; A Startling Survey In Brazil – Sandro Magister at Settimo Cielo via L’Espresso

Traditional Christianity All But Kaput In Western Europe, & Even USA - W.M. Briggs, Ph.D., at Statistician to the Stars!

Quæritur: Lutheran Service More Reverent Than the Sunday Mass – Fr. Z’s Blog

Cultural Nihilism - R.R. Reno at First Things

Women Deacons & The Development Of Doctrine – Fr. Dwight Longenecker

A Posture of Humility – Erin Cain at Ignitum Today

Bringing Back Lapsed Catholics – Stephen Auth at Catholic Exchange

Uncharitable Passions I: The Deadly Sin of Sloth – Anthony S. Layne at Catholic Stand

A Crisis of Faith Cannot Be Met by Liturgical Protocols – Rev. Msgr. Richard C. Antall at Crisis Magazine

Jesus, the Great Rabbi: On Teaching & Enlightenment - Robert Kurland, Ph.D., at Catholic Stand

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