The Baby Speaks

This is a touching video of Andrea Bocelli telling what he calls “a little story.”

It’s the story of how the Italian pop tenor’s mother, while pregnant with him, was advised to have an abortion because he might have some disability.

I always think, when people argue for abortion in the “hard cases” of disability, that they ought to ask the baby’s opinion ...

Do you want to live? In spite of being disabled and perhaps suffering quite a bit throughout the course of your life, do you want life?

Because the human response is always YES. Here, Bocelli’s response is a beautiful, joy-filled YES. And the world has been blessed many times over by his mother’s choice for life.

The cheerful song he sings at the end of this video clip translates as:

I want to live like this with the sun on my face, and I sing happily, gracefully. I want to live like this, with the air of the mountains, because this enchantment doesn’t cost anything.

The unborn baby has spoken. He chooses life.