Rutgers Prof: Having Lots of Kids is Like Littering

Stop.  Stop right now.  Don’t try to convince yourself that these people are some sort of outlier.  This view of life and of motherhood is increasingly prevalent.  How else do you explain the slow-motion demographic suicide occurring in the West?

What am I talking about?  Rutgers University Professor Helen Fisher, of the Center for Human Evolution Studies has written for Oprah Magazine and today was on the Joy Behar show talking about women making the choice to be childless.  She described having lots of children as littering.  But truly that barely rises to the surface as the most offensive thing in this panel discussion from hell.

What she said is so awful and alarming that it should firstly serve as a warning to any parent considering sending their child to Rutgers. But it’s more worrisome that everyone on the panel seems to agree. And it’s horrific that an increasingly large segment of the population is thinking this way.  How else to explain the less than replacement rate of births throughout western “civilization?”

Oh by the way.  If Satan ever decides to do the talk show circuit, he will likely start with Behar.

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