Randall Terry Teaches How To Destroy Koran

How is this helping? I hate to see this. Randall Terry, the former head of Operation Rescue whose primary talent of late seems to be snaring headlines, has just released a video instructing people how to destroy a Koran and gets lots o’ press while doing it.

Now normally if I reference a video I’d just post it but there’s no way I want it on this site.

He says: “To my fellow Tea Party activists, listen to me: you’re about to see instructions on how to get into real battles, not just in front of our computers, not just blogging, but to go to the public square like Samuel Adams and like other great patriots did…The truth of the matter is, if you just do this, with a bold and stout heart, with just you and one other person, just the two of you, chances are you’re going to get an enormous amount of coverage, and your voice will be heard by thousands, maybe tens or hundreds of thousands.”

Terry says he’s asking people to download Islamic texts and publicly destroy them in order to increase dialogue and “raise discussion” or something ridiculous like that. This seems more likely to simply get publicity for Terry. Sadly, it’s not even original to Terry. Last year, Terry created a video urging people to download posters of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and burn them in effigy in order to get press coverage.

I just wonder what Terry’s going to destroy next. Perhaps the last vestiges of his reputation.