Prominent Catholic and Pro-Life Jeb Bush Says He'd Kill Baby Hitler

This is disturbing. Prominent Catholic and pro-life presidential candidate Jeb Bush told the Huffington Post that if he could go back in time to kill little baby Adolf Hitler he would. In fact, his considered moral response was "Hell yeah" and then he sat back in his best theological repose and thoughtfully added, "You gotta step up man."

Oy. I didn't think I could be less intrigued by a Jeb! candidacy than I was. I was clearly wrong. Look, this is an extreme hypothetical and a silly conversation for a presidential candidate to have but his answer has obvious moral implications. It leaves the question of life up to a cost/benefit analysis. Would a baby do more good or evil if allowed to live? Depending on a best guess you could be snuffed out.

I know there's a lot of folks out there who would view many children born into an unfortunate situation and think the world is better off without them.

Sadly, I think this is Jeb trying to show how cool he is. And believe me, there's nothing in the world you can say to ingratiate yourself better with the HuffPo crowd than agreeing to kill babies. Dead babies are your invitation to the cool kids table.

But does Jeb! truly believe that some people will hear this and think that's just what they needed to hear to convince them to vote for him. This is morally dumb and just plain ol' silly.