Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Center Launches Mobile Clinic

A Maryland crisis pregnancy center has launched a mobile clinic to “help those visiting abortion clinics.”

(photo: Register Files)

A Maryland crisis pregnancy center has launched a mobile clinic that one board member told The Register gives the center the ability to “help those visiting abortion clinics.”

“We are in the process of launching the clinic,” Centro Tepeyac Director Mariana Vera said in an e-mailed statement. “We have done test runs and should officially launch in full operation in the near future. The mobile clinic will extend our counseling and support services to women in numerous locations throughout Montgomery County. The mobile clinic will also offer women the opportunity to receive free abdominal ultrasounds to see their babies.”

Dan Smyth, a board member for Centro Tepeyac, explained that the clinic will enhance the pro-life center’s outreach to women in crisis pregnancies.

“One of my favorite parts of being on the board is getting Mariana's updates on the monthly numbers of ‘babies saved’ and mothers receiving ‘material assistance,’” said Smyth. “With the mobile clinic, we’ll be able to increase those numbers. We can bring our pro-life services and enthusiasm to women at their homes and in hard-to-reach neighborhoods, and we can even help those visiting abortion clinics.”

Another board member, Jessica Greer, also said that outreach to women considering abortion would be a major benefit of the mobile clinic. “The mobile clinic will provide countless sonograms to expecting mothers in the area. The mobile clinic will allow us to be outside local abortion clinics, counseling and providing mothers a window into the womb during their unborn babies’ most vulnerable moments.”

“Providing sonography services increases a mother's likelihood of choosing life for her unborn baby by more than 75%,” said Greer.

According to Vera, Centro Tepeyac provides five major services, mostly to “young Hispanic women.” The services are: 1) pregnancy testing and sonograms, 2) confidential counseling, 3) referral services, 4) sexual-integrity education, and 5) parenting education.

“In 2016, we served approximately 1,150 women,” said Vera. The center “has 8 employees and 7 volunteers. Our annual budget is around $250,000.”

Centro Tepeyac, which successfully fought a law that tried to force it to recommend abortions, recently hosted its annual gala. “We had around 220 attendees and raised over $110,000,” said Vera. “We are tremendously blessed by all of our donors. If any readers are interested, we gratefully accept donations here.”

Jor-El Godsey, President of Heartbeat International, said, "Centro Tepeyac is a shining lighthouse of life amidst the stormy culture of death. We, at Heartbeat International, are grateful for the faithfulness and tenacity that marks the founders of 25 years ago, as well as Mariana and the team that leads today. From quietly caring for hurting women in the valley of decision to taking on Big Abortion and Big Government, Centro Tepeyac is continually victorious in championing the Gift of Life!”

Vera explained that Centro Tepeyac’s 2014 victory has not prevented it from further action by abortion activists. “We’ve had pressure from abortion activists to this day in the form of calls and visits by fraudulent clients. We are so well trained and can identify fraudulent activity, and so we handle these situations appropriately.”

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