Pre-1917 Advent Fast In US, This Saint's Guide To Conquering Spiritual Discouragement And More!

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The Traditional (Pre-1917) Advent Fast In The USA – Claudio Salvucci at Liturgical Arts Journal +1

Venerable Bruno’s Guide For Conquering Spiritual Discouragement - Fr. Gallagher at Catholic Exchange +1

Global Diaspora Taking Its Toll On Filipino Families – Lilia Borlogan-Alvarez at Catholic Stand

Stained Glass, Light Metaphysics, & Medieval Allegorical Commentary - Ælredus Rievallensis at Canticum Salomonis

Hunger & Thirst - Carol Monaco at Catholic Stand

An Advent Hymn That Sings Of The Great Wedding Feast Of The Lamb – Msgr. Charles Pope at Community in Mission

The Easiest Way To Pray As A Family - Joannie Watson at Integrated Catholic Life™

Moderation Is Key: Scripture’s Approach To Drinking - Msgr. Charles Pope at Our Sunday Visitor

Is Environmental Sin Possible? – Jeremy Bell at The Catholic Weekly

Jesuits & Drag Queens, Tautology? – Fr. Z’s Blog

The Devil Went Down To Annapolis – Francis Lee at Crisis Magazine

Tradition Is For The Young: The Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) At The National Catholic Youth Conference - Gregory DiPippo at New Liturgical Movement

We’ve (Mostly) Abandoned The Advent Fast, But It’s Not Too Late To Start – Jay Richards, Ph.D., at The Stream

On Supersessionism – Hans Boersma at First Things

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