$o Why Are Pro-Abort$ $o Mad that Abortion Rate$ are Falling

You would think the $ky was falling. But it'$ not, it'$ just abortion rate$. $o why are pro-abort$ $o up$et? You'd almo$t think they weren't being hone$t when they $aid they want abortion to be $afe, legal, and rare.

In recent days, there have been numerous articles and op-eds about why the abortion rates are falling. Pro-lifers point to recent pro-life legislation which has passed in many states as well as a burgeoning awareness that there might just be a baby in the womb, rather than a blob of tissue. Spoiler alert - they're right. Those are two very logical reasons. But these reasons are not good enough for pro-aborts.

You see, they can not credit pro-life legislation with reducing abortion at all even though there's tons of evidence that they do. You see, pro-aborts are in a tricky situation. On the one hand, when pro-life legislation is introduced they scream that this draconian and dangerous bill will restrict women's access to abortion, force them into back alleys, close down every abortion clinic in the state, and force women into dog-food-eating poverty.

However, once the legislation has passed pro-aborts must ridiculously do a 180 and insist that the new law has absolutely no impact whatsoever on abortion rates. You see, because to admit that pro-life laws lower abortion rates that might inspire more pro-life legislation. Hilariously, they actually take it one step further and admit that the mere mention of pro-life legislation increases their donor's ire and inspires them to give even more to abortionists. So, they want pro-lifers to believe that pro-life legislation only leads to more money for abortionists so they should stop passing those silly pro-life laws.

Here's a great example of this:

How do you make abortion rates drop? According to an Associated Press survey, stop trying to force them down. Or, more specifically, don't make it impossible to access an abortion. Based on data collected from 45 states' health departments, since 2010 the states with the least restrictions to abortion access saw the sharpest drops in abortion rates. There is a 12% decrease nationally, but states with more progressive abortion restrictions such as Hawaii and New Mexico have seen drops as high as 30% and 24%, respectively.

So you're supposed to believe that standing up for life leads to more abortions. In short, just shutup about abortions.

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post too another tack by writing a piece entitled "Anti-abortion advocates’ faulty logic" which claims that increased contraception leads to fewer abortions. And if the pro-lifers would just get on board with more contraception, abortion rates would plummet. However, even the left's favorite sex doctor Alfred Kinsey reportedly once told a conference that was considering pushing contraception as the way to eradicate abortion, said, 'At the risk of being repetitious, I would remind the group that we have found the highest frequency of induced abortion in the group which, in general, most frequently uses contraceptives.'

Pro-aborts are also insisting that recent declines in abortion are because people have finally figured out how to use contraception. You know, because it's real difficult to figure out. Wait, this goes where? They say that contraception access and education has increased as if contraception hasn't been available in middle schools, bar bathrooms, and 7-11's for decades. And we're supposed to pretend that ob-gyn's haven't been prescribing birth control for maladies such as slight PMS or acne for decades as well.

But in the end, we know why pro-abort$ are $o up$et. Le$$ abortion$ mean$ le$$...