New Desecration Video

YouTube apparently just doesn’t get it, when it comes to allowing the posting of videos of the desecration of the Blessed Sacrament.

The popular video-sharing site has restrictions against the posting of material that is regarded as offensive, but the America Needs Fatima organization said in a June 1 press release that YouTube has again allowed the posting of a Eucharistic desecration video.

In other words, YouTube apparently continues to turn a blind eye to shocking insults to the body and blood of Christ, even though faithful Catholics last fall protested so strongly against similarly offensive videos that they were pulled from the video-sharing site.

The good news is that what happened last fall gives rise to optimism that YouTube will remove this new offensive video if Catholics protest in sufficient numbers. American Needs Fatima has posted an electronic letter that Catholics can send to YouTube to help accomplish this.

Now if YouTube could only be persuaded to take action against such videos before they are posted …