My Complete Ignorance of History Finally Pays Off

My complete ignorance of all things history finally paid off for me earlier this week when I saw "For Greater Glory."

You see, I had no idea what happened in Mexico at the time of the Cristero War. None. And normally you'd think that for a Catholic writer, having no knowledge of a fairly recent persecution of Catholics by our next door neighbors would be...a bad thing. But it made "For Greater Glory" incredibly exciting as all get out for me to watch.

I honestly had no idea what was going to happen next during the movie. If you had told me that the President of Mexico was going to challenge the leader of Cristo Rey to a break dancing competition for all the marbles I would've had no basis for arguing against it.

All I can tell you is that the movie blew me away. Absolutely blew me away. I was stunned at where the movie went. And then later I saw that it was true. My goodness.

I've got to tell you, because I write for The Register I'll sometimes get an opportunity to watch a Christian movie or read a Christian book before some of you riff-raff. But I don't like to write bad reviews for anything. It's hard work to make a movie or write a book so if I don't like it I'll just never write about it. But I'm writing about "For Greater Glory" because I thought it was really really good.

Normally, if I go see a CHRISTIAN MOVIE I go in with...uhm...tempered expectations. I figure the artistry won't be too great but the message is better than Hollywood movies so I live with some of the clumsiness. But "For Greater Glory" is a truly well made movie that really delivers a great and timely message about religious freedom.

Now, it's impossible to watch this movie about how a government essentially outlaws Catholicism and not think about how the Obama administration is essentially forcing Catholic institutions to act against their consciences. So many of the lines seemed so relevant to our current situation. I intended to write them down but I had two nuns sitting on either side of me and I didn't want to bump into them and be all oafish getting my pad out of my pocket. (I didn't even feel right stuffing ten kernels of popcorn in my mouth at one time because the nuns were right next to me so as you might imagine I was feeling a little anti-Catholic myself.)

I'll admit this is the worst movie review...evah! But I'm not a movie reviewer. I love going to the movies and I see a lot of them so I'm telling you as just a regular guy who likes to watch movies with popcorn and soda in his lap (with no nuns) that this is a really good movie that moved me, inspired me,and taught me. I won't give it a certain amount of stars or criticize the score or anything because I'm way too dumb for that. I'm just a Catholic idiot who loves going to the movies and can just say that you should go see it if you like being moved, inspired and taught.