Miles Christi: Men on a Mission

This Sunday, EWTN is airing “Miles Christi: Soldiers of Christ in America,” which has been four years in the making by StoryTel Foundation. It’s a one-hour documentary covering the Miles Christi order of priests and brothers. The film includes interviews with Cardinal Burke about Fr. John Hardon’s involvement and in-depth coverage of the formation these priests receive.

This is a rare inside look at an order many of us might not have heard of. They’re not a large order, and they’re relatively new, founded in 1994.

Miles Christi priests and brothers came to the United States with a couple of priests and $4000 and are now traveling all over the country, leading retreats and trying to revive the “desert” that they see here in the spirituality of Americans.

"More than ever we need soldiers, spiritually speaking, who will fight the good fight of faith," explains Father Patrick Wainwright, Miles Christi priest, on the documentary.

It’s a lofty goal, and one that forces them to rely on providence. They own nothing themselves and have taken vows of poverty and obedience. Originally established in Argentina, the priests and brothers are now “deployed” as soldiers of Christ throughout the United States, Mexico, and Argentina. 

"If there is no spirituality of conquest, it is very difficult to have the momentum, the enthusiasm, the desire to seek out others," says Father Roberto Yannuzzi, founder and superior general of Miles Christi, as he describes the order's charism on the documentary. 

This order is one that inspires hope. To see the smiles and the joy is to see the renewal of the Church in action.

You can see it on EWTN this Sunday, November 16, at 4 PM ET. Find other dates and times that it will be broadcast for the US/Canada, UK/Ireland, Africa/India, and the Pacific Rim. For more information about the Miles Christi order, visit their website:

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