Abortion is a controversial issue, and at the center of the controversy is the question of whether the unborn are human beings. If they are, then abortion kills a human being.

Many people think that this is somehow a religious issue and involves religious questions like when the soul arrives.

Some people deliberately try to frame the issue this way in order to shut down rational discussion of the subject.

So let's set the question of religious aside entirely.

Instead, let's look at something we should all be able to agree upon: science.

What does science say about whether the unborn are human beings?


The "Don't Kill Humans" Rule

It's a fair question.

After all, if somebody is an adult we don't say it's a "religious issue" whether he is a human being. Nobody says, "I don't know if this thirty-five year old man has a soul or not. That's a religious issue, so I can go ahead and kill him"

It is a human universal--a principle honored in all human cultures--that you cannot kill other human beings at will.

There may be special circumstances, like war or self-defense or the death penalty for crimes, but absent those circumstances, you cannot kill another human being.

It is always and everywhere wrong to deliberately kill an innocent, non-aggressive human being.

So, keeping religious out of it, what does somebody need in order to qualify as a human being--scientifically?




What Next?

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