Is This All Gays Are Good For?

Coming out in Hollywood might not be all that it is cracked up to be.

Sean Hayes is a talented comedian whose breakout role was as a flamboyant gay man on Will & Grace.

Sean Hayes played Jack McFarland for eight years on Will & Grace. In that time he showed his great comedic timing many times over even if the story lines were silly and often immoral. Sean Hayes is a talented guy who could do just about anything.

So after he finished his long run on a huge hit show, what offers did the talented Sean Hayes get? Bupkis.

In an interview, Hayes said about the offers he received after Will & Grace "Not too many. I still don't. That's why you have to be a multi-hyphenate now more than ever if you like to constantly be working and remain in this business. And if you want something, you have to do it yourself, although I love auditioning. I love showing people that I wasn't that guy, the guy in "Will & Grace."

After all these years, Sean Hayes has returned to television and guess what? He is playing a gay man. And the show is full of uncreative and unfunny gay jokes.

Is that all that gays are good for in Hollywood?

I have watched an episode or two of his new show and he is still a talented guy. Truth is, I watched it because the original adverts for the show did not present his single father character as a gay man and I wanted to see him without all the flamboyant accoutrement. But it quickly became clear that his character was also gay. I was disappointed.

Funny thing, Catholics, who are routinely accused of being anti-gay are taught to see the whole person and to avoid unjust discrimination against those with same-sex attraction. Hollywood could learn a lot from the Catholic Church.