Have Back Alley, Will Travel

Patrick Henry once famously said, "Give me liberty or give me death." Pro-abortion "rights" rhetoric simply seeks to combine the two. They believe in the liberty to give death.

Even if it's women who die. Just this past week, late term abortionist Leroy Carhart was exonerated of wrongdoing by a state medical board for killing a woman, Jennifer Morbelli, in a botched 33-week abortion. Carhart was found blameless. I'm not surprised at this finding, I'm only surprised that the board didn't attempt to blame pro-lifers.

Pro-aborts often attempt to convince pro-lifers that any abortion atrocity is the fault of pro-lifers making abortion too difficult to acquire. They treat each and every regulation concerning clinics or those laws protecting life after viability outside the womb as not safeguards for women and children but outlandish impediments to abortion access. There have been over 50 million legal abortions since the passing of Roe v. Wade. How much more accessible can it be?

We're told that if we didn't pray and sidewalk counsel outside clinics, abortion would attract a better class of doctors. If we didn't attach a stigma to the killing of children, women wouldn't feel so guilty afterwards. We're told that if we didn't have any states protecting the unborn in the third trimester women wouldn't have to accept third-rate care in other states.

The mantra for pushing for the legalization of abortion was to bring it out of the infamous back alley. It seems to be the opinion of pro-aborts that the United States still today is one big back alley. They point to convicted murderer/abortionist Kermit Gosnell as evidence that increased liberalization of abortion is necessary.

Let's recall that a Planned Parenthood official admitted knowing that Gosnell's clinic was atrocious. Let's also recall that the National Abortion Federation knew of Gosnell's house of horrors but did nothing. You see, to them, preserving good p.r. for abortion clinics was more important than the health and safety of actual women.

Those in favor of what are called "abortion rights" strongly urge government oversight of crisis pregnancy centers precisely because they don't perform surgical abortions. But they urge government to take a blind eye to clinics where abortions are actually performed. Does that make sense at all?

The left blames every ill in America on deregulation. But when it comes to abortion, deregulation is just what the doctor ordered. Literally. Abortionists prefer the back alley. It is they who seek out the secrecy and darkness of the back alley. They, like carnivals of old which brought their big top with them, the abortion industry brings its own back alley and invites all to enter. For a price.

Ultrasounds, Lila Rose's undercover videos, government regulations, are all intrusions of light in their comfortable and dangerous darkness. As Christians, we must continue to shine the light.