Greatest Invocation Evah!

Fr. Andrew Kemberling was invited to lead the opening prayer at the 2012 Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention in the Magness Arena at the University of Denver. He took no prisoners. None. This is awesome.

Fr. Kemberling beats socialism so bad that Karl Marx woke up just long enough to apologize to private property. Fr. Kemberling champions religious freedom in one of the most stirring invocations I've ever heard. It pumps me up. It's like a Rocky workout scene for Catholic culture geeks like me.

This is better than watching Garnett block a soft layup by LeBron. I say for now on, when something is just so awesome that you want to make a poster about it, you just say "they got Kemberlinged." And we'll all know.

I'm telling you folks that on June 8th, before I head down to the Religious Freedom Rally in Philly I'm going to play this. Then...and only then...will I be ready. And then when we eventually beat back, this outrageous infringement of religious liberty by the Obama administration we'll all just kick back and say, "We Kemberlinged them." Yeah.


Someone with more talent and a history with the AV squad in high school needs to auto-tune this vid, give it a mad hook, and make it available for download. Hey, I'll put it on my IPod.

I'm thinking that St. Thomas More Parish in Centennial, Colorado is lucky to have Fr. Kemberling.


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