From Homers To Heroes: Reeling Men Back To The Faith, Before & After: St. Mary In Ohio And More!

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From Homers To Heroes: Reeling Men Back To The Faith – Fr. Richard Heilman at Roman Catholic Man +1

Before & After: St. Mary of the Assumption in Lancaster, Ohio – Shawn R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal +1

How the Legion of Mary Taught Me to be Catholic – Laura DeMaria at Catholic Stand

Louisiana Bishop Set to Advance 3 Causes of Canonization, Including 12-year-old & WWII POW – Kathleen N. Hattrup at Aleteia

Renewal of Family Life – Christian Daru at Catholic Stand

Methodists Need the Magisterium – Casey Chalk at Crisis Magazine

God Is Both Active & Unchanging – Karlo Broussard at Catholic Answers Magazine

Boston College Symposium On The Priesthood “Renews” Failed Revolution of the 60s & 70s – Fr. Peter M.J. Stravinskas at The Catholic World Report

A Snippet from the New Benedict/Sarah Book – Fr. Z’s Blog

Shrouded In Darkness: Twitter Descent – Matthew Schmitz at First Things

The Anti-Catholic Bias Of Associated Press Writers – David F. Pierre, Jr., at

Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: The Right to Life is “The Most Fundamental Right” – Micaiah Bilger at Life News

Catholic Persecution Worse After Vatican-China Deal, Congress Finds – Matt Hadro via Catholic Herald

Christian Democracy & the Future of Europe – Joseph Pearce

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