Cardinal Dolan on the Today Show: Pope Francis Reminds Us We Can't Judge Souls, Only Actions

Pope Francis' remarks about gay priests get additional context from the New York cardinal.

Here is Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York on the Today show. He was one of many Church leaders beseiged by a media frenzy following Pope Francis's remarks on "gay" priests that were taken out of context. Several bishops I spoke with on Tuesday had conducted back-to-back media interviews on the issue, and one told me:"It's unfortunate that some newspapers will have a photo of the millions of young people at the final mass on the beach in Rio, but they all have front-page stories on the news about "gay priests." Yet,  it seems likely that the pope has managed to stir things up in a way that could prove fruitful. At least some curious people will be reading what he actually said, including his reference  to the Catechism of the Church on the matter of distincguishing between the dignity of all persons and the reality of sin commited by all kinds of people, whatever their sexual orientation.