Burial Services Dignify Babies' Lives

Which side are you on?

This video Matt shared today shows a funeral service for the aborted babies whose remains were discovered in jars during the raid of an illegal abortion clinic earlier this year. You can read that grisly story at Life News.

In a similar story, we learned earlier this week that Reverend Earl Boyea, Bishop of Lansing, Michigan, plans to provide a proper burial for 17 babies whose bodies were found in a dumpster outside an abortion clinic in Eaton County.

As sad and disturbing as these stories are, I am glad to see them getting news coverage, and I wish they would get still more attention in the press.

Many of us Catholics are accustomed to hearing these kinds of stories. As I read the details of these two cases, though, I can’t help but think about how they must look to people on the outside.

Who comes across as the most caring, compassionate, respectful, and reasonable group? Those who salvage the remains of human babies and attempt to give them a dignified burial? Or those who demand the “right” to destroy these recognizably human beings, preserve their body parts in jars, or toss them—like medical waste, only not quite so dignified as that—into dumpsters on the street?

What’s the humane thing to do? What’s the human thing to do? Which side are you on?