If we want to follow Christ, it's as simple as recognizing that we will be called and offered the opportunity to act. How we respond to that call reveals whether we follow Christ, or merely want to appear to follow Christ.

As hard as that may seem, we do have the gift of every moment, so we can reassess, reflect, repent and begin again. We can choose to do what is right, even if it is after the fact. Jesus goes so far as to tell us the story of the two sons, one of whom says “Yes” to his father's request, and does not do it, and one who says “No,” but upon reflection, goes and is obedient. We’re to be that second son in all things, to fight against the sinful selfish component of our nature that wants to fester and not act.

We should know from Confirmation that we’re called to be stewards — the hands and feet of Christ in the world, serving all who need their feet washed, their wounds tended, their hearts healed. We should know that living the life of Christ is an ongoing process of more and more for Christ, and less and less getting in the way. The more we allow room for Christ, the less room there is for sin. The more we allow room for others, the more there are to serve.

So be the one breaking down the roof to lower his friend before Christ. Be the one who reaches out and says, “Lord, if you will it.” and allow yourself to be used to manifest Christ’s grace, Christ’s goodness, Christ’s healing, Christ’s joy in others. Don’t worry if you've said “No” up to now — just know, if today you hear his voice, harden not your heart, and if you already heard his voice today and didn’t respond, start now. Begin again.