With our eldest child on the verge of his teen years, I’ve often wondered what materials are out there to help guide my children through this volatile time in their lives. I was pleasantly surprised to find a vast variety of resources available to help teens retain and grow in their Catholic faith — and maybe even discern a vocation to the priesthood or religious life.


• NYPriest.com is an exciting new website of the Archdiocese of New York that makes a strong case for the priesthood, using powerful images, text and video.

• Vocation.com is the most popular vocation site, having logged more than 1 million visitors. It is affiliated with the Legion of Christ, but nearly all of the vocations facilitated by the site have been for the diocesan priesthood or other religious congregations.

• ReligiousMinistries.com offers an online guide to men and women’s religious ministries within the Church.

• USCCB.org/Vocations offers resources from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Office of Vocations and Priestly Formation.

• TestYourCall.com is a vocations Internet portal that features a vocational self-assessment survey, an online research tool, inspirational testimonies and more.

• VocationMatch.com is an online resource designed to help those discerning a vocation to match their interests with religious orders that best fit their particular charisms.

• Other sites:

ThinkPriest.org for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee

CalledByChrist.com for the Archdiocese of Atlanta

Vocations.com for the Diocese of Joliet, Ill.

SavannahPriest.com for the Diocese of Savannah

OurMIB.org for the Diocese of New Ulm, Minn.

IChoseYou.com for the Diocese of Lexington, Ky.

LiveInBlackAndWhite.com for the Diocese of Manchester, N.H.

Chastity and Theology of the Body Resources

Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity

by Christopher West

(3-CD set: $19.95), from AscensionPress.com or (800) 376-0520.

In this 3-CD set for men, Christopher West addresses the challenges in the area of sexual purity and lust that many, if not most, men face on a regular basis.

Pure Love Club

Jason Evert’s comprehensive Q&A website for Catholic teens on dating, relationships, and sexual purity.


Theology of the Body for Teens

(4-DVD set: $99.95; Student workbook: $14.95),

from AscensionPress.com or (800) 376-0520.

Using a mixture of stories, real-life examples, activities, prayers and cultural references, authors Jason and Crystalina Evert, and Brian Butler’s 12-part curriculum series makes Pope John Paul II’s theology relevant for teens.


Beginning Catholic Apologetics

by Jim Burnham ($54.95 for full set), from CatholicApologetics.com or (877) 327-5343.

Tackle the tough questions with a question/answer study guide format that works great in small groups.

Defenders of the Holy Trinity

Features many links to teen ministry organizations in New York.

Join the discussion at LandofArthanius.org

Friendly Defenders — Catholic Apologetics Flash Cards

by Matthew Pinto and Katherine Andes ($11.99), from AscensionPress.com or (800) 376-0520.

Short, pithy answers to common objections people have to the Catholic faith. They are great for teens, but fun and useful for all ages.

Friendly Defenders 2 — Catholic Flash Cards

by Matthew Pinto and Katherine Andes ($11.99), from AscensionPress.com or (800) 376-0520.

Each card includes an inspirational verse and a list of relevant Bible verses and Catechism references.

Father McBride’s Teen Catechism

by Alfred McBride,

O.Praem. ($9.95), from OSV.com or (800) 348-2440.

A good guide to morality, prayer and the outline of a Catholic lifestyle.

Did Adam & Eve Have Bellybuttons?

by Matthew Pinto

($12.99), from AscensionPress.com or (800) 376-0520.

Offers today’s Catholic a collection of clear and concise answers to crucial questions.

Questions From Seventh Period: Doc Pennock Answers Teens’ Questions on Life, Love, and the Catholic Faith

by Michael Pennock ($15.95), from AveMariaPress.com or (800) 282-1865.

Gives clear, concrete answers to the tough questions about love, life and faith that concern Catholic teens the most.

Catholic Living

Catholic Reluctantly

by Christian M. Frank

($12.95), from JohnPaul2High.com or (800) 888-9344.

The John Paul 2 High Catholic teen fiction series follows seven mismatched teens in a startup school.

Desiderata: A Teenager’s Journey to God

by David P. Eich

($14.95), from Ignatius.com or (800) 651-1531.

Filled with stories of saints and contemporary heroes that show how the lessons and virtues of the Rosary have been put into practice.

Hi God, It’s Me! E-Prayers for Teenage Boys and Hi God, It’s Me! E-Prayers for Teenage Girls

by Catherine DePino

($12.95), from TwentyThirdPublications.com or (800) 321-0411.

These interactive journals give teens a user-friendly way to interact with God.

The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth

($16.95), from SMP.org or (800) 533-8095.

Teens will appreciate the articles and stories that shed light on issues important to them. Useful sidebars give quick, easy access to Catholicism’s basics.

Did Jesus Have a Last Name?

by Matthew Pinto and Jason Evert

($12.99), from AscensionPress.com or (800) 376-0520.

With 200 actual questions from teens, this book offers clear and concise answers to some of the most challenging questions about the Church and its teachings.

Do I Have to Go?: 101 Questions About the Mass, the Eucharist, and Your Spiritual Life

by Matthew Pinto and Chris Stefanick

($12.99), from AscensionPress.com or (800) 376-0520.

Using their popular question-and-answer format, Matt Pinto and Chris Stefanick answer the questions that teens often have about the Mass.

Love One Another magazine

($20 for 4 issues), from LoveOneAnotherMagazine.org

This Catholic magazine offers personal stories, current issues, and topics of interest to teens and young adults and their families.

Scripture Resources

Prove It! The Catholic Teen Bible

by Amy Welborn ($14.95), from OSV.com or (800) 348-2440.

Special inserts provide solid, biblically-based teaching about the “hows” and “whys” of the Catholic faith, written to match the other Prove It! books.

The Catholic Youth Bible Triple Challenge CD-ROM

($19.95), from SMP.org or (800) 533-8095.

This CD-ROM Bible trivia game is an exciting new way to learn about the Bible in a fun and engaging manner.

The Catholic Youth Bible

($23.95), from SMP.org or (800) 533-8095.

This popular teen Bible includes more than 640 lively articles in youth-friendly language, timelines, full-color photographs, and more.

Ask the Bible Geek: Answers to Questions from Catholic Teens

by Mark Hart ($10.99), from Catalog.AmericanCatholic.org or (800) 488-0488.

Gifted youth leader Mark Hart knows teens inside and out, and as the Bible Geek, he asks and answers the real questions that puzzle them.

T3: The Teen Timeline Bible Study

(Study kit: $19.95; 4-DVD set: $99.95), from AscensionPress.com or (800) 376-0520.

Presented by Bible Geek Mark Hart, T3 unpacks God’s Word in a manner teens can relate to by showing them the “big picture” of salvation history and an overview of Scripture.

Teen Ministries

NET Ministries

Minnesota-based National Evangelization Teams (NET) Ministries dispatches teams of volunteer young adults to present youth-centered retreats throughout the U.S. and the world.


REACH Youth Ministry

Reach is a Catholic evangelistic traveling retreat ministry across North America leading youth retreats and evangelizing.



ConQuest is a national network of leadership programs, clubs, and camps for boys and young men 5-16. ConQuest trains boys to become self-disciplined and confident young men, Catholic leaders who possess moral integrity and are committed to improving the communities in which they live.



Challenge is a network of clubs and camps for girls ages 10-16, to help develop common interests and form a friendship with Christ. Challenge enables girls to discover and develop their natural talents and place them at the service of society.


Leadership Training Program

LTP is designed to bring out the best in tomorrow’s leaders. Boys from fifth to eighth grade join together in a positive environment that emphasizes teamwork and a spirit of initiative.



LifeTeen serves the Church by providing resources and faith experiences that help lead teens closer to Christ through a vibrant Eucharistic spirituality.


Movin’ With The Spirit

Headed by national speaker and performing artist Sean Forrest, Movin’ With The Spirit offers retreats, concerts, a teen summer camp, and opportunities for mission work with the poor.


Young Disciples Teams

For 10 weeks during the summer, teams conduct week-long day camps for grades kindergarten to 6 and evening teen missions.


Youth 2000

Youth 2000 offers Eucharistic-centered retreats for young people.


Mission Youth

Formerly known as Youth for the Third Millennium, Mission Youth works with bishops and pastors to evangelize by engaging and sending out youth to witness Christ to others.


Dead Theologians Society

Using the saints of yesterday, the Society seeks to inspire the youth of today to become the saints of tomorrow.


Totus Tuus Catholic Youth Organization

Offers Catholic virtue-based programs for children ages 5 to 18 and their parents, includes theology of the body programs for teens.


Totus Tuus of Denver

College-age young adults put on “parish missions” to teach and inspire the young.




Features games, audio clips from Catholic artists, movie reviews and online chats with other Catholic teens.


An outreach of the Family Life Center International, this site challenges youth and young adults to be radical followers of Jesus Christ in the modern world.


This website is for Catholics of all ages, but geared toward the younger generation, with music, desktop wallpaper, games, apologetics, and a very active “phorum.”

College Organizations

• Association of Students at Catholic Colleges


• Brotherhood of Hope


• Cardinal Newman Society


• Catholic Campus Ministry Association


• Compass


• Fellowship of Catholic University Students


• National Catholic Student Coalition


Resources for Parents

Keeping Your Kids Catholic

by Marcellino D’Ambrosio ($17.95), from CrossRoadsInitiative.com or (800) 803-0118.

This helpful 2-CD set helps parents discern how living a faith-filled life will help ensure that their children will remain Catholic all their lives.

“How to Keep Your Children Catholic”

by Father John Hardon.

This free online article explores what parents can do to help keep their children in the Church.

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