By Mother Angelica

EWTN Publishing, 2019

98 pages; $14.95

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Have you ever wondered what heaven is like? Will we see those we love? Be reunited with family? What kinds of flowers will be there, and if there are flowers, will they be different from the ones on earth? What will we do in heaven?

Mother Angelica wondered, too, and she shared all her insights with her television audience back in 1986. Those thoughts have now been compiled in book form in What Is Heaven?

Through chapters like “Heavenly Happiness,” “The Music and Beauty of Heaven,” and “Friends and Family in Heaven,” Mother Angelica offers a picture of what may be in store.

She reminds readers that Jesus gives “ever-so-tiny hints of Heaven” in things like music because he knows we need examples; but in heaven these “hints” will be infinitely enhanced beyond our earthy imagining.

With her trusty Bible at hand, Mother Angelica gives readers plenty to contemplate, reminding us that St. Paul says, “Now we are seeing a dim reflection in a mirror” (1 Corinthians 13:12).

Mother Angelica, in her characteristic way, describes those dim reflections; one can “hear” her voice in the descriptive words and images.

For example, take this description of heaven in Revelation 21: “We might think we have some pretty nice diamonds in our rings, but the biggest diamonds on earth are pebbles compared with those in Heaven. ‘The wall was built of diamond, and the city of pure gold, like polished glass’ (21:18-19). We’re talking about big hunks of precious stones, not these little things you see in jewelers’ cases. ‘The twelve gates were twelve pearls’ (21:21). One pearl a piece! It makes it look as if we’re playing with toys in this world. Isn’t it a shame that we get so attached to them?”

Mother Angelica emphasizes the everlasting joy of heaven is quite unlike the transitory joys of earth, how joy will be enhanced with the presence of our family and friends, how hurts will be no more, how all of our questions will be answered, and how we will learn new things.

“We’ll also know why everything happened in our lives,” Mother Angelica tells us. “Boy, are we going to be embarrassed! If it were possible to be sorry in the Kingdom, we would be awfully sorry for having griped so much, for having questioned God’s providence and mercy and will. We’ll know why all the pains and tragedies happened in our life. It will become so clear that we’ll look at God and say, ‘Thank You, Lord, for every time You said no to me.’”

Mother Angelica relates how we will not sit idly on clouds. We’ll all work — labors of the soul that will include praying for those on earth.

Mother Angelica puts it this way: “I’m sure that God will give us permission to direct the ways of those we love when we’re in Heaven.”

With her trademark wit and wisdom, this book offers a prime peek into heaven and encouragingly concludes, “May we see each other in heaven!”

Joseph Pronechen is a Register staff writer.