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Monday Afternoon Edition

02/21/2011 Comment

The Importance of Christian Names - Father Roger Landry, The Integrated Catholic Life™

Understanding the Stages of Spiritual Starvation in the West - Monsignor Charles Pope, AOW

Australia: Some Priests Claim They Will Refuse to Use the New English Missal - Fr. Zuhlsdorf

US: Catholics and Presidents’ Day - Paul Kengor, Catholic Vote

For All the Sacramentals, The Vestments (Part I) - Frank Weathers, Why I Am Catholic

Behold! The Manna, the Bread from Heaven that Ever Was - Simcha Fisher, Patheos

Concerns, Calls for Clarification on the Summorum Pontificum - Carl Olson, Insight Scoop

Tradition Works!  Religious Sisters See Explosion In New Postulants - The Catholic Knight

Traditionalists are Nothing More Than Second Class Trash - Richard Collins, Lnn on the Hdgrw

Blessed John Henry Newman’s Assent of Faith - Juan R. Vélez, First Things/On The Square

This is a new feature for the National Catholic Register that I will be contributing on a regular basis twice a day, Monday through Saturday.  Very similar to what I do for

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