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The Pro-Life Flash Mob Strikes Again

04/08/2011 Comments (27)

Flash mobs, such as the mall-singing Halleluia chorus, seem to be all the rage.

Perhaps you saw the original YouTube video of the Chicago Pro-Life Flash Mob in action. It portrayed a group of enthusiastic, joyful young people chanting uplifting slogans and praying in front of an unsuspecting “Walk for Choice” pro-abortion crowd. The pro-life group’s “Lord of the Rings” music, their methods, and their unique yellow balloons with the word “Life” printed on them, brought a smile to my face and reminded me of other joy-filled youth gatherings such as the March for Life and World Youth Day.

When one compares the joy and love-for-life of the pro-life crowd with the screams and anger of the pro-abortion crowd, it places the two movements in stark contrast to one another. One is clearly life-giving; the other knows only how to destroy.

Well, the Pro-Life Flash Mob was at it again last Saturday. As pro-life leaders from across the country gathered to honor Pro-life Action League founder and president, Joseph Scheidler, for an “Evening of Tribute,” abortion advocates organized a protest against him.

Hearing about the plan to protest, the organizers of the “Chicago Pro-Life Flash Mob” again took to the streets. Carrying their signature yellow balloons, and a red-carpet, they greeted Scheidler as he arrived for the dinner honoring him.

Later, the Pro-Life Flash Mob faced off against abortion advocates with singing and prayer, followed by a march from Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile” to Millennium Park.

Wouldn’t it be great to see other youth groups emulate the Chicago Pro-Life Flash Mob’s tactics to confront abortion advocates elsewhere across the country?

You can see videos of their latest escapade here.

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