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Father Morris Takes on Michael Moore

10/06/2009 Comments (3)

While many mainstream media types are calling Michael Moore’s new film both moral and “Christian,” others aren’t convinced that Moore’s view is correct.

In the accompanying video, Fox News’ Father Jonathan Morris takes on Moore’s assertions that “the Church is universally against capitalism.”

“Capitalism can help people become more humane,” says Father Morris, who describes Moore as being “disingenuous.” Father Morris goes on to ask, “Who is spreading wealth, under socialism? I haven’t seen the movie because he hasn’t made it free,” said Father Morris.

Father Morris isn’t the only one taking exception with Moore’s portrayal in his film Capitalism: A Love Story.

Deacon Greg Kandra asks, “Are the heroes of Michael Moore’s new movie … priests?”

Paul Raushenbush, writing for Beliefnet, says that the film’s Roman Catholic priests are the “surprising voices of clarity and conviction in Moore’s film.” However, Raushenbush notes that the film profiles only one particular type of Catholic priest — those shaped primarily by a socialist style, liberation theology.

In the end, while Moore characterizes capitalism as evil, he doesn’t seem to offer a system he would prefer in its place.

“Moore’s film isn’t clear what system he is suggesting to replace capitalism,” writes Raushenbush.

Moore might want to check into other options, like John Mackey’s, CEO of Whole Food Market, “conscious capitalism,” or perhaps G.K. Chesterton’s proposal: distributism.

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