The left is big on slogans. They’ve adapted well to the thinking that if it doesn’t fit onto a bumper sticker it’s waaaaay too wonky for ADHD America.

So I’m getting ready to head down with the kids to the Rally for Religious Liberty in Philly on Friday and I realized that while secularists have tons of slogans I’m sitting here with my marker, heaps of paper, and few ideas.

So after thinking on it for a while here’s some slogans to get me started for the Catholic side of the HHS debate:

10) Keep your ovaries off my rosaries!
9) Pay for your own darn pill!
8) I ain’t yo’ sugar daddy!
7) I usually don’t pay for other people to have sex. Usually.
6) It ain’t up to me to buy your IUD.
5) Your conscience ends where my wallet begins.
4) First you got Roe, Now you want my dough.
3) Obama promised us a “robust” conscience clause and a “robust” economy. What happened?
2) Women will decide their fate, paid for by the Church and State!
1) Your mandate says I have to pay for your man date.

Now it’s your turn. Give us your best slogans. The fate of religious liberty depends upon you!!!

Thanks to LarryD for the help.