Here are some pertinent observations about the rising tide of Death for the Weak advocacy in the commanding heights of media. By Providence, the piece happened to run on the day Jack Kevorkian, a leading apostle of death (and an extremely creepy man) stopped thinking globally and started acting very locally.

Euthanasia is going to be pushed because it is in the interest of both state and corporation to do so. The quickest and easiest way for Caesar and Mammon to deal with the huge demographic bulge of aging Baby Boomers who will suck up resources and give less and less back as they get older is to murder them. So the same court prophets in media and the arts who have danced attendance on the murder of inconvenient and costly children for 40 years (and, of course, trained a new generation of Moloch worshipers to do likewise) will now do a repeat performance in order to persuade the young and economically powerful to slaughter their elders rather than inconvenience bean counters who can’t be bothered to pay for them. Look for a marked uptick in portrayals of the old as either pitiable wretches who just want to Go Home or “edgy” portrayals of the old as parasites who nobody will really miss (accompanied with encomiums to the artists who make such agitprop as bravely “saying what we are all thinking”). The point is, our culture of death—having already signed on in 1973 to the idea that costly and inconvenient people should be neatly, cleanly and privately murdered—will not hestitate to deal with its economic troubles in exactly the same way once the generation that embraced Roe wholeheartedly gets too old to change the Beatles CD.

And, by the way, this will be a bi-partisan effort. The Left will play the sentimental violin for the “They just want to Go Home” crowd of Oprahfied “compassionate” types, while the Randian Godless Conservatives will beat the martial drum for letting Nature Red in Tooth and Claw take its course and dispatch the Looters who want “entitlements” like food, air, water, shelter and love and who are sapping our economy with their parasitic whines begging not to be killed. The Left will plead for mercy killing and the Godless Randian Right will say “If the weak be like to die they had better do it and help decrease the surplus population. Why should Randian Creators subsidize aging worthless Looters?”

I think it’s about a 50/50 chance that I will die a natural death. It’s quite possible that by the time I’m 80 Caesar and Mammon will have created a system of complicated actuarial table which will figure out who is so great a burden on the state and economy that they must report to a Civic Euthanasia Center or face draconian penalties against their families.