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7-Year-Old Singer Wows the Crowds

02/26/2010 Comments (1)

Here’s a little something for your weekend.

Since it has over 4 million views on YouTube, perhaps you have already heard 7-year-old Anthony Gargiula‘s rendition of the National Anthem.

But I think it’s worth listening to again.

The video is a little dated—Anthony is now 10 years old. You can hear him sing a more recent rendition of the Star Spangled Banner in this December 2009 video.

We are accustomed to seeing enormous talent that goes hand in hand with corruption. I think part of what makes us go so crazy over young prodigies like Anthony is the fact that it’s such a rarity to see raw talent coupled with unspoiled innocence.

Young Anthony’s bio on his website reads, in part:

When asked what the future holds Anthony said, “I would love to be on Radio Disney some day and maybe on American Idol when I’m 16 years old.  That is a long way away for me.  I want to famous long before that.”

Here’s hoping he does a little math and phonics, a little hanging from the monkey bars, and a little kicking a soccer ball around the yard before that too.

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