The Progressive Indoctrination in Our Schools

Parents need to check out their school district websites and see for themselves the curriculum being used.

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If parents in San Diego did their research on the Sex-Ed curriculum currently being used in their children’s schools, they would learn that the curriculum used by the San Diego Unified School District is provided by “Advocates for Youth,” a progressive, anti-Trump organization. Their far-left sponsors include Planned Parenthood among others that promote premarital sex and normalize transgenderism and homosexuality.

There are no chastity-based, pro-life sponsors whatsoever. In fact, a video on their website decries the fact abortion is getting harder to get, complains that some think abortion is wrong and unacceptable and stresses the fact abortion should be available in all communities. The video was an outright attack on the pro-life movement. 


Inside the Curriculum

The curriculum makes it a point not to define gender.  In anatomy, the lesson plan states:

“Reviews the body parts of those assigned female at birth and assigned male at birth.  When babies are born, they are not assigned a sex, they born male or female, period. 

The terminology and lessons must be very confusing to those so young and will do nothing but encourage impressionable children to question their gender as well as their behavior as the following excerpts show. 


First Grade

“Gender Roles: The overall purpose of this lesson is to show students that they are not limited to what they can and cannot do based on their gender. This lesson teaches students how to be open to activities that may be tailored towards one gender another. By the end of this lesson, students are expected to be able to name at least two ways that children of all genders are expected to behave, name at least two ways some people expect children to behave differently based on their gender, and name at least three ways that other family, friends, media, society, or culture can influence how children of different genders think they should act. Teacher reads My Princess Boy then asks students about how we should treat people who behave differently from what we expect.” 

Boys and girls should be expected to behave differently.  They are different.  And bullying of those who behave contrary to their gender does happen, and it’s unacceptable, but let’s stress kindness and compassion, rather than normalizing the behavior. 


Second Grade

“Understanding our Bodies:  This lesson acknowledges that “there are some body parts that mostly just girls have and some parts that mostly just boys have.” The language used for this grade level is tailored to be more age-appropriate, and as students grow older and continue on through advanced grade levels, the language is noticeably different out of respect for youth. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to correctly identify at least four sexual and reproductive body parts, and describe why it is important for them to know the correct names. Teacher discusses similarities and differences between people’s bodies based on their sex assigned at birth.”

This topic does not belong in a second grade classroom.  And one can only imagine the confusion when the teacher says, “some body parts that mostly just girls have and some parts that mostly just boys have.” 

The upper grades are even more worrisome.


Seventh Grade

Let’s Talk about Sex:  This lesson stresses the importance of how we communicate as much as what we communicate and introduces aggressive, passive and assertive communication styles. In small groups, students then practice creating assertive responses for a hypothetical couple communicating about a sexual situation, which is then turned into a scripted role-play. Teachers are given guidance for dealing with potential homophobia if two boys act out the sexual scenario, and the homework involves analyzing communication via text.”

Sexual role-play?  Acting out a sexual scenario with two boys?  This shouldn’t be happening in school at all. 


Eighth Grade

“Birth Control Basics: This lesson provides information about birth control commonly used by teens by breaking it into three categories – long-acting, short-acting and works right now. Students look at a fertility timeline for a typical 8th grade couple, and then students play Two Truths and a Lie while sorting methods into one of the three categories. The homework assignment is to write one thing about condoms anonymously on an index card for use during the next lesson.”

“Using condoms effectively: This lesson involves students putting the steps to using a condom correctly in the correct sequence while in small groups and then the teacher demonstrating correct condom use based on their responses. The teacher then shows the internal condom and gives information about ways to reduce risk of infection and pregnancy. The homework assignment is to find examples in the media of people talking about safer sex.”

Do parents want their children to think that sexual activity in the 8th grade is “common?” Do they want their children to learn how to use condoms correctly in the classroom? 


High School

The high school curriculum goes into more detail with titles such as Understanding Gender, Sexual Decision Making and Creating Condom Confidence.  The most disturbing part of their curriculum is The Pleasure Principle: “This lesson on the sexual response cycle has not been released yet due to the sensitive topic area. It is currently being piloted with a range of youth.”

Would the sensitive topic area include oral and anal sex, sadomasochism, beastiality, group sex? And it would be interesting to find out the targeted age range.



Although abstinence is addressed, the Advocates for Youth website has a page with the following promotion:  “Stop Government Funding of Ineffective and Dangerous Abstinence-only Programs!”  That says it all. 

The curriculum used in San Diego and many other school districts around the country marginalizes morality and conservative values.  It’s based on a progressive platform normalizing homosexuality, transgenderism, premarital sex and promotes abortion. 

Our public schools are turning into progressive indoctrination camps.  Parents need to check out their school district websites and see for themselves the curriculum being used.  If it’s not available on-line, they should ask to see it on paper and instead of taking advantage of the curriculum “opt out,” take a stand and demand a curriculum “throw out.” 

See for yourself: 


Patti Smith is the Assistant Director of Rachel's Hope Healing Ministry

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