The Shroud: Not a Painting, Not a Scorch, Not a Photograph by Jim Graves of The Catholic World Report -

Is It Better to Love or Be Loved? – Stacy Trasancos PhD, The Integrated Catholic Life™

Cultural Evils: Floating With the Current - Ray Sullivan, Catholic Stand

Death Explained By A Little Girl With Terminal Cancer – Dr. Rogério Brandâo, Aleteia∝

Cardinal Koch Slams Spirit of Vatican II Synod Clerics – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

We ‘Go Forward’ in the Liturgy When the Sacred Is Restored – Brian Williams, One Peter 5

A Church for Sinners – Shannon Lacy, Ignitum Today

Six Ways to Fit Prayer into a Busy Life – Chelsea Houghton, Restless Press

They Have a Dream: Los Angeles’s F.S.S.P. Parish in Search of a Church – Beverly De Soto, Regina Magazine

Scientific-Sounding Excuses for Promiscuity – David Mills, Aleteia∝

Ideals and Norms – Russell Shaw, The Catholic World Report

Cardinal Nichols Attempts to Silence Faithful Priests, This will Backfire – Damian Thompson

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