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Stunning Wyoming Catholic College Video, Chanted Christmas Gospel, Cardinal Bertone, and much more! (4708)

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12/13/2011 Comment

Tito Edwards of

Wisdom in God’s Country: Stunning Wyoming Catholic College Video - Chris Owens, Benedictus Dominus

Chanted Christmas Gospel - Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Observations of a Catholic Homeschooling Father- Patti Maguire Armstrong, Catholic Lane

Vatican Diary: Cardinal Bertone has Another Gear - Sandro Magister, Chiesa

Wisdom, Not the Geek Squad - Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing

Least Evil Option: A Defense of Harry Truman - Wilson D. Miscamble, Public Discourse

Survey: Many Catholic Colleges Not Complying with Ex Corde Ecclesiae - The Cardinal Newman Society

A Furtive Political Calculation: Playing Both Sides to the Middle - The Motley Monk, The American Catholic

Should Priests be Firmer with Non-practicing Catholics? - Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald

Quæritur: Can Extraordinary Ministers give “Blessings”? - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS?

China: The Disfigured Face of Freedom - Mauro Pianta, La Stampa/Vatican Insider

Separation of Church and City? - Joseph Knippenberg, First Things/First Thoughts

Students All Set to Learn about ‘Gay History’ in California Schools - Catholic Online

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