I just received and read the Sept. 16-22 issue of the Register and cannot understand why it contains absolutely no reference regarding the overwhelming, continuing topic of concern in our country, the terrorist attack in New York and Washington a week ago yesterday. There is much news concerning religion in the happenings of this past week and, yet, you felt it was important not to include even one mention of this horrible event.

Why? I am disappointed.


Petoskey, Michigan

Editor's note: Readers are by now aware that our Sept. 23-29 issue was devoted to coverage of the terrorist attacks. All the same, since we have heard Mr. Gibes' question from many readers, a fuller explanation may be helpful.

The Register, a weekly, goes to press on the Monday prior to the issue date. Thus our Sept. 16-22 issue had the latest information as of Monday, Sept. 10, when terrorism was one of the furthest things from Americans' minds.

Our hearts and minds are very much with the tragic events that began the next morning, our prayers with the victims and their families.