Since its inception, the Church has made it a priority to communicate the Gospel message to the world via the medium of the day. And the Register has dutifully followed her lead.

The annual World Communications Day message is the Church’s response to the rapid development of means of communication. And, as Pope Benedict XVI’s 2013 message addressed the burgeoning world of social networks, Pope Francis’ 2014 message, "Communication at the Service of an Authentic Culture of Encounter," adds even more relevance and context.

"The capacity to communicate is at the heart of what it means to be human," the Holy Father says. "We are called to rediscover, through the means of social communication as well as by personal contact, the beauty that is at the heart of our existence and journey, the beauty of faith and of the beauty of the encounter with Christ."

We at the Register make it our very mission to communicate the objective beauty of the faith. And we know that the message of our medium is, ultimately, the personal encounter with Christ.

Just as Pope Francis inspires us to persevere in this mission, I pray that we at the Register are ever up to the task of inspiring you in yours.

God bless you!