On Oct. 4, a standing-room only crowd listened to the Register's publisher and editor-in-chief, Legionary Father Owen Kearns, speak about the mission and vision of the paper, and its plans for the future.

“The Register style of journalism is Catholic journalism with the emphasis on the Catholic,” he said. “The professional quality of the Register is a necessity because, in this competitive world, if you're not professional you just don't last.”

The meeting was organized to give members of the Register Associates donors group a chance to discuss the newspaper's development goals.

When asked when the Register will expand its Web presence and reach a wider audience, he answered: “That depends on our donors. They hold the key to the vitality of the Register. Circle Media will guarantee the continuity of the company and the fidelity of the paper to the magis-terium. But the vitality of the Register depends on its donors. How many people it can reach and how well it serves the needs of the New Evangelization.”

Father Kearns recalled his personal history with the Register. “When I became a publisher, I had no background in journalism,” he said. “Which is good, because I didn't know what couldn't be done.”